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Client Testimonials
Thank you, Threshold. It’s been great working with you and your team on this project. You are, as always, so reliable and professional.
— Fortune 50 Consumer Electronics, Research Analyst

This is FABULOUS! It gives us enough info to eliminate a custom study.
— CPG Marketing Consultant

Thank you for this report. The patent links look great, and the overall report is simply outstanding.
— Packaged Foods Company, R&D VP

Thanks for the terrific work on this market. The report is precisely what we need.
— CPG Firm, Corporate New Product Development

The job done was consistently excellent, and the clients enjoyed receiving the updates.
— Industrial Products Firm, Business Intelligence Analyst

Excellent work...Thanks for getting it to me so fast. I can act on it even today. Impressed that you could get this done in a couple days.
— Packaged Foods Company, VP
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About Threshold

Cynthia Lesky founded Threshold in 1993, and since then Threshold has grown into a team of professional desk researchers and analysts, secondary information search experts, phone researchers, content curators, journalists, librarians and information scientists. All of Threshold’s technical searchers and business researchers have one or more advanced degrees in the relevant fields.

We like to work with our clients as trusted partners and knowledge development advisors. We take the time to understand your business and your needs. We work with you to ensure our products are delivered on time, to the desired level of precision, and in the format you want. And our clients value our reasonable rates and our proven dependability. We are the convenient and affordable answer to your research problems.

With our research skills and instincts for accuracy, we can provide you with a foundation for making better decisions and for continuing to build your command of a topic. We have a life-long commitment to the idea that knowledge is power and we have natural born curiosity that fuels our drive to solve our client’s information problems.

Threshold works with individuals and teams in organizations of all sizes.  We also are retained as off-site partners to information centers and competitive intelligence units. 


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We are happy to respond to RFPs for outsourcing or co-sourcing arrangements.

Threshold accepts all major credit cards.