About Threshold

The past two decades have seen vast and wonderful changes in the several fields that intersect with Threshold’s services. Information research and retrieval, competitive intelligence, market research and journalism: all are continually evolving. In short, it’s a far different world today than in 1993 when Cynthia Lesky started Threshold Information.

Through it all, the values at the core of our business remain unchanged:

  • The Quality of the Experience = Quality of Service + Quality of Work. Whether the focus is on broad-scale strategy or the critical minutiae of new product development, we are committed to delivering a quality experience. That means the quality of our service – every interaction with a client – is as high as the quality of the business and technical intelligence we deliver.
  • Each client is our only client. Years ago a corporate client called to compliment us on a report we delivered to his firm and what he said has become a principle by which we operate. He said ‘you always make me feel like I’m your only client.’ 

Absolute confidentiality is part of this concept, of course, but beyond that we focus 110% on each client and treat each client’s information need with the respect and attention it deserves. 

  • Quantity ≠ Quality. Our responsibility extends to evaluating information to spot the misinformation, the disinformation and the extraneous, all toward distilling down large volumes of information to their useful essence. 

All of Threshold’s professional desk researchers and analysts, phone researchers, content curators, journalists, patent searchers and information scientists have a life-long commitment to the idea that knowledge is power. We share a natural-born curiosity that fuels our drive to provide information solutions to our clients’ business problems. With our research skills and instincts for accuracy, we will provide you with a foundation for making better decisions.


Quotations are provided.

We are happy to respond to RFPs for outsourcing or co-sourcing arrangements.

Threshold accepts all major credit cards.

Threshold works with individuals and teams in organizations of all sizes. We also are retained as off-site partners to information centers and competitive intelligence units.